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300 Click for offerHaney on Sunday night congratulated Lee6 on Twitter, saying that his prediction was based on statistics and facts. At a news briefing, Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston discouraged employers from sending their workers home early, saying everyone should avoid driving on the roads until the flooding receded.

The Cambridge Analytica backlash triggered the hashtag #DeleteFacebook to trend on Twitter. High-profile people in the tech world said they were leaving the social network, including Brian Acton, cofounder of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said some advertisers had taken a "pause" with Facebook amid the scandal. Defense experts say there is little if any precedent for this sort of presidential power play. Even in 13 years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, only .4 billion was reallocated under emergency authority.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEFirst, single-payer has a lot to recommend it as a way to achieve universal health care. It’s not the only route — every major advanced country besides the United States achieves universal coverage, but many of them get there via regulations and subsidies rather than by relying solely on public insurance. Still, single-payer is clean and simple, and many health economists would support it if we were starting from scratch. “In his view he is there to deliver Brexit by 31 October or an election victory, he is not there for the long haul,” said Lucy Thomas, a leading figure in the anti-Brexit campaign in 2016. “That makes it easier to stick doggedly to that objective and do anything to get there.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYA skilled communicator — not unlike his radio show guest, Mr. Trump — Mr. Farage could doom Mr. Johnson’s chances if he can persuade enough pro-Brexit voters that the Tory plan is not enough of a clean break with the European Union, or that Mr. Johnson is untrustworthy on Brexit. Francesco Molinari became the first Italian golfer to collect a major last year when he won the Open Championship. This year, Molinari, 36, defends the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club in Surrey, England. He talked about defensive golf play, his record playing at Wentworth and how Italian golfers have it better than soccer players. The following conversation has been edited and condensed.

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"My view is, kind of in the family room environment, we're probably a few years away from it being something that will really work. The cords are kind of an issue [...] it's really that family room environment that we're struggling a little bit with." Ambition is not enough, as David Leonhardt points out in his Sept. 16 column, “How Kamala Can Make a Comeback.” A candidate also has to have a message. Clearly, being “For the People,” Ms. Harris’s slogan, is not enough, and many Democratic voters want to do more than defeat President Trump. First they want to know how you will defeat him, then they want you to have a plan, and more.

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“I’ve had some personal — and painful — experience with this recently,” Mr. Newsom told the joint session of the legislature. • Apple pushed back against a Google report on an iPhone security flaw, saying it was not an issue that affected most Americans. (CNBC)

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Even so, they will try to legislate to prevent a no-deal Brexit when they resume work next week. Patrick McGeehan and James Williamson contributed reporting.

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Scientists understood that aggression was a deep and pervasive part of hummingbird life. But they, too, have had their blind spots. The seemingly perfect match of nectar-bearing flowers to slender nectar-sipping beaks clearly showed that hummingbirds were shaped by co-evolution. Ross Tucker tweeted after Mailata’s preseason debut in the summer of 2018 that the Eagles “are going to go right from Peters to Peters Jr.” He may have been a bit overexcited. Everyone in sports loves the new and different, and Mailata is both of those. There’s the size, the crazy rugby videos and even some footage of him standing in front of his locker stall at the Eagles’ complex playing a guitar and singing.

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